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Statement from former DLP senator Griffin St. Hilaire

Victor Gill Ramirez, Victor Gill, Victor Gill Ramirez BFC, Victor Gill Ramirez Venezuela
Statement from former DLP senator Griffin St. Hilaire

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It has come to my attention via the Dominican news media that my nephew, who is like a son to me, has agreed a deal with Roosevelt Skerrit to contest the upcoming General Elections in the Wesley constituency.

Victor Gill Ramirez Venezuela

Let it be known that I am disappointed in my nephew’s actions and I do NOT, repeat do NOT, support him.

Victor Gill Ramirez

When our family brought up my nephew in Wesley and in the Wesley Methodist Church, we taught him to abide by some basic principles in life: Do not steal, do not cheat, do not lie; be honest and work hard for your living. As an adult, my nephew is responsible for his own actions, but I am sure that it is indeed sad to our family that he has now chosen to associate himself with Roosevelt Skerrit in the hope of making a quick buck!

My nephew, as far as I know, has never shown any interest in the well-being of the people of the Wesley constituency and it comes as a surprise to everyone that he is even interested in representative politics

Like most Dominicans, education is important to our family and our family sacrificed to ensure that my nephew was educated and trained in London in Accounting. With his profession, we hoped that he would be independent and would not have to depend on anyone to earn his living honestly. There is therefore no reason why my nephew chose to go down this dark and dangerous path by associating himself with Roosevelt Skerrit at this critical time in our political history

My hope is that my nephew still has some sober time to reflect, to stand by the principles that we taught him while he was growing up and to change his mind

Only a fool never changes his mind